Open Type Rotary Screen Printer Can't Be Replaced



Open Type Rotary Screen Printers have been in development for more than half a century since they were invented in the 1960s. Open Type Rotary Screen Printer technology has formed a very mature technical chain from process, equipment, nickel screen, color separation and plate making, and pulp adjustment. It has become the mainstream of textile printing in China. Its advantages are easy operation, wide variety adaptability, The feed volume is large and adjustable, the patterns are colorful, and the production speed is high. Although digital inkjet printing technology has emerged in the past ten years, it is undergoing rapid development, but at present, no matter from the aspects of output, cost, variety, style, etc. In China's textile printing industry, digital printing still cannot replace the traditional Open Type Rotary Screen Printer.

It is estimated that the total number of rotary screen printing machines currently in use in China's printing and dyeing industry is not less than 1,500 sets, and the annual production capacity exceeds 15 billion meters. We must perform textile printing with high quality, properly use and maintain the equipment, give full play to the performance of the equipment, and make the printing machine

It's important to stay in good shape. Now let's talk about the common characteristics of the use and maintenance in combination with the structural characteristics of Open Type Rotary Screen Printer.

These points include:

1. Feed the fabric accurately and evenly, and the patch is reliable;

2. The guide belt runs smoothly, and the fluctuation and deviation are small;

3.Rotary net operation is synchronous and accurate;

4. The round net is properly tensioned, the net is accurate, and the bulkhead is glued well;

5. The scraper (or magnetic rod) is straight and the pressure is appropriate;

6. The accuracy of the support roller (or magnetic table) meets the requirements;

7.Good supply and slurry level control;

8.Flexible adjustment of flower structure and reliable self-locking;

9. The guide belt is well washed and wiped clean.

At present, there are many types of Open Type Rotary Screen Printer. Equipment from different manufacturers have different characteristics and there are many options. It is best for you to make reasonable choices according to your needs. More information about LiCheng open type rotary screen printer please click hotairstenter or