Multiply Choices of Open Type Rotary Screen Printers



At present, there are many types of Open Type Rotary Screen Printers. Equipment from different manufacturers have different characteristics so customers have many options. It is best for customers to make reasonable choices according to your needs.

The function of the cloth feeding device of Open Type Rotary Screen Printer is to ensure accurate and flat feeding of the fabric, which generally includes a cloth tensioner, an edge suction device (or moving edge machine), bristle and suction device, etc., There are many choices for the cloth feeding device of Open Type Rotary Screen Printers. Some are suitable for shuttle fabrics. Some are suitable for knitted fabrics, and some are suitable for dual-purpose needle and shuttle. But with more functions, the mechanical structure is bound to be complicated, which will increase the difficulty of operation and maintenance, so reasonable choice is dispensable.

The smooth running of the guide belt and the precise synchronization of the rotary screen operation are essential for high-quality printing. The basic process of circular screen printing is that the printing paste is squeezed through a circular nickel mesh prepared with a flower pattern under the pressure of a doctor blade and printed on the surface of the fabric attached to the rubber guide belt to form a pattern pattern. During the printing process, the moving circular screen and the moving conduction band are basically in a relatively static state at the contact point (empirical data must exist both

Speed difference of 2-4 ‰), so as to ensure the clarity of the flower pattern.

With the advancement of electronic control technology, the synchronous motion control technology of the guide belt and the rotary screen has been broken, and the precise synchronous control of the independent sub-drive of the guide belt and the rotary screen has been achieved, which further improves the precision of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine . The requirements for characteristic indexes of guide belt such as dimensional accuracy, structural uniformity, strength, tension deformation, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance are improved. At the same time, the installation and adjustment of the guide belt is also very important. If the installation is not accurate, it is easy to cause deviations and cause horizontal running flowers.