Mainstream of Textile Printing——Rotary Screen Printing Machine



Rotary Screen Printing Machine has formed a very mature technical chain from process, equipment, nickel screen, color separation and plate making, and pulp adjustment, and has become the mainstream of China's current textile printing.

At present, there are two types of rotary screen bases of rotary screen printing machines, closed type and open type. In the closed type, the support bearings, locking rings of the rotary mesh are integrated with the mesh seat. When the rotary mesh is unloaded, the locking ring and the bulkhead of the round mesh must be screwed (or loosened); The open type is to separate the support bearing, locking ring the dome from the net body. When the dome is being unloaded, the supporting bearing and the locking ring (also called chucks) are moved together. When the circular net is working, it must apply appropriate tension at its two ends to make it round, flat and rigid after tensioning, so that it can resist the pressure of the blade and the slurry on it without deforming to make the printing pattern accurate. At present, the spring nets of most models are provided with springs at both the closed and open bearing ring supports, and the tension of the nets is in an elastic connection state. This design is to make up for the parallelism and verticality when the mesh is bonded to the circular screen.

At present, there are two main methods of rotary screen printing: stainless steel blade and magnetic bar blade. The stainless steel blade scraper uses the elastic deformation of the steel sheet under the external force, and forms an angle with the inner wall of the circular screen to produce a squeezing force on the printing paste. The magnetic rod scraper squeezes the slurry by the attraction force of the magnetic rod placed on the magnetic table directly below the circular screen. Both types of scraping methods have their own advantages. 

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