Zhejiang Licheng Rotary Screen Printing Machine



Two types of scraping methods of Rotary Screen Printing Machine have their own strenths respectively.

Generally speaking, stainless steel blades are more suitable for fine patterns with greater adjustment range of the amount of pulp. However, when you use it, blade specifications, angles, and pressure on both sides need to be adjusted manually according to different patterns, fabric varieties, and slurry conditions. Rich operating experience is required to achieve the best results;

According to different patterns and fabrics, the magnetic rod scraper only needs to select different diameter magnetic rods. The magnetic force is adjusted by the operation panel keys, and generally has a digital display, which is more convenient to operate. Because the magnetic field of the magnetic table is uniformly distributed along the width direction, as long as the surface of the magnetic table is flat and the straightness of the magnetic rod itself is good, the uniformity of scratching can be guaranteed.

It is also important that the slurry supply and liquid level are well controlled. The printing slurry is pumped into the circular screen through the slurry pump, the slurry conveying pipe, and the inner cavity of the scraper. The slurry liquid level is detected and controlled by the liquid level controller. It is worth noting that the difference in the height of the liquid surface will also cause the deformation of the circular net, which will affect the pairing in serious cases.

There are currently two main types of slurry pumps of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine : Sub-pumps and pneumatic pumps. Rotary Screen Printing Machine has three methods: vertical, horizontal and oblique registration operations. Among them, the vertical registration has been generally driven by the circular screen due to its convenience. Some models of horizontal and oblique registration are electrically operated.

However, due to the complicated structure and many failures, most of the current models are designed to return to manual and horizontal and oblique registration for higher reliability. The flower structure is close to the printing area, which is easily polluted by slurry and water. Regardless of whether it is an electric or manual horizontal or diagonal alignment structure, daily maintenance must be properly done to prevent eccentric wheels, sliders, worm gear pairs, screw rods and other structures from becoming stuck or loose.

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