Problems and Solutions of Licheng Rotary Screen Printing Machine


A printing and dyeing factory purchased Licheng Rotary Screen Printing Machine for many years. They complaint that the machine is not easy to use, so after-sales personnel go to the manufacturer to help overhaul and deal with machine problems. After the after-sale personnel observed the operation steps and printing effects of the factory's stoppers, they found some problems:

(1) There is a lot of water traces on the reverse side of the guide belt, which causes a slight slippage between the guide belt and the driving roller, and communicates with the manufacturer's operating personnel. The manufacturer personnel do not take it for granted that it does not matter if there is some water in the guide belt.

(2) There are pastes on the printing machine net frame, the scraper support, the baffle plate, the frame and the roll copper. Because the slurry has not been cleaned for a long time, the corrosiveness of the slurry is very strong, and the net head seat and the rack have begun to corrode and rust. Therefore, the sliding of the mesh head seat is not flexible (the operator uses an iron rod to pry the Internet and the Internet), and the operator said that he was busy starting the machine and had no time to clean it.

(3) The support roller bearing is damaged frequently, and some bearings are stuck and some bearing balls fall off, which has a bad influence on the printing effect.

In response to these problems, the necessary communication between after-sales service personnel and the manufacturer's machine repair, workshop director, and plant manager, together to repair the above problems of Rotary Screen Printing Machine, clean the water traces and slurry on the reverse side of the guide belt to ensure that there is no water stain on the reverse side of the guide belt.

It is strictly required that the stopper can not flush randomly when flushing to prevent water from rushing into the guide belt.

When cleaning the Rotary Screen Printing Machine, the water cannot be flushed directly to prevent sewage from entering the machine and rusting; readjust the beam height, level, and net. Oil is added on the head seat guide rail to facilitate the smooth sliding of the net head seat, to prevent bad usage habits such as using iron rods to beat and pry; replace the support roller bearing, and add butter. After a series of overhauls and maintenance, the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine was able to produce normally and the printing effect returned to a good condition.