Analysis &Solution of Common Failures of Rotary Screen Printing Machine



For the Rotary Screen Printing Machine, the ideal printing effect should be an excellent combination of the performance of the equipment, the printing process and the operator. However, due to different conditions and various omissions in the production process, the equipment often fails. Next, I would like to make a simple analysis of several major faults and troubleshooting solutions during the operation of Rotary Screen Printing Machine.

1.Offset of printed guide belt

The Rotary Screen Printing Machine must go through the deviation correction operation and guide belt trimming when installing and debugging, so that the deviation of the printing guide belt can be controlled within a reasonable range. However, with time going by, the deviation of the conduction band may get out of control. The reasons are summarized as follows: the deformation of the printing guide belt, the uneven control of the tension of the guide belt tension roller, obstruction of different support roller support forces and malfunctioning correction devices.

1.1 Deformation of the printing guide

After running for a long time, the internal stress of the printed guide belt is redistributed, which will cause the deformation. In addition, the aging of the rubber layer of the guide belt will cause it to be unstable during the continuous operation and cause deviation.

1.2 Effect of tension roller

The influence of the tension roller on the deviation of the guide belt is mainly manifested below: the tension forces on the two ends of the tension roller are different, which will make the tension roller and the main transmission roller non-parallel. The solution is to adjust the tension between the tension roller and the main transmission roller to be parallel. At the same time, when adjusting the tension, we must comprehensively consider the elongation of the conduction band.