Analysis &Solution of Common Failures of Rotary Screen Printing Machine II



For the Rotary Screen Printing Machine, the ideal printing effect should be an excellent combination of the performance of the equipment, the printing process and the operator. However, due to different conditions and various omissions in the production process, the equipment often fails. Next, I would like to make a simple analysis of several major faults and troubleshooting solutions during the operation of Rotary Screen Printing Machine.

1.1.3 Impact of backup rollers

When the pressure of the compressed air used does not reach the specified requirements of 0.6 to 0.8 MPa or the air path is not smooth, the two ends of the backup rollers will be unevenly stressed, so that the magnitude of the end support force is also different. The solution is to ensure the gas supply pressure, check and clean the gas circuit.

1.1.4 Impact of the rectification device

Failure of the correction device or the transmission mechanism in the worm gear box is blocked or the worm gear is worn out, will affect the normal operation of the correction device, which will cause the guide belt to run out of control. The solution is to check whether the fixing probe fixing screws are loose, and whether the contact between the probe and the edge of the guide belt is within the controllable range; check whether the worm gear drive shaft is stuck or the transmission is blocked. If the clearance and wear are serious, replacement should be considered. At the same time, frequent starting and reverse rotation of the correction motor may cause the motor to be burned out. At this time, check whether the correction motor is running normally.

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