Analysis &Solution of Common Failures of Rotary Screen Printing Machine IV



As is mentioned in the last article, during the printing process, the twisted or broken screen of Rotary Screen Printing Machine often interrupts production, affects the normal operation of the production, and the production quality and production costs to varying degrees. The factors that lead to twisted or disconnected network are many aspects, which are analyzed below.


Third, the gap between the circular net and the guide belt is not adjusted properly, which causes the circular net to be squeezed radially and creates a twisted net. For general fabrics, the gap between the circular mesh and the guide belt should be 0.3mm, but for heavy fabrics, the gap should be appropriately enlarged. The gap is too large, and the circular mesh may be disconnected from the guide belt. At this time, The circular net will be affected by the blade pressure; if the gap adjustment is too small or a negative gap occurs, the circular net will be squeezed by the conduction band and the circular net will be distorted, and the net disconnection will occur over time. The solution is to adjust the gap between the circular net and the conduction band to ensure that the circular net operates under normal conditions.

1.2.2 Impact of assembly.

Carelessness during installation and commissioning often results in twisted or disconnected networks.

First, when the mesh heads at the two ends of the circular net are installed with different concentricity, the circular net will be subject to the prestress due to the misalignment of the two ends after the circular net is installed. Second, when the tightness of the transmission bearings at the two ends of the circular screen is not the same, it will also cause twisted or broken nets. Regardless of whether it is a wide-format printing machine or a narrow-format printing machine, when the dustproof ring of the transmission bearing at both ends of the circular screen is tightly fitted with the casing, the flexibility of the bearing operation will be greatly reduced, and even death will occur. For narrow web printing machines, the transmission is single-sided, so it is important to avoid such installation errors.

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