Analysis &Solution of Common Failures of Rotary Screen Printing Machine V



1.2.2 Impact of assembly.

Carelessness during installation and commissioning often results in twisted or disconnected networks.

First, when the mesh heads at the two ends of the circular net are installed with different concentricity, the circular net will be subject to the prestress due to the misalignment of the two ends after the circular net is installed. This prestress is quickly converted into torque as the circular net moves. Distorting the circular net causes the circular net to distort or even break. The solution is to adjust the concentricity of the net head seat and then install the round net for operation. Second, when the tightness of the transmission bearings at the two ends of the circular screen is not the same, it will also cause twisted or broken nets. Whether it is a wide-format Open Type Rotary Screen Printer or a narrow-format Open Type Rotary Screen Printer, when the dustproof ring of the transmission bearing at both ends of the circular screen is tightly fitted with the casing, the flexibility of the bearing operation will be greatly reduced For narrow web printing machines, the transmission is single-sided, so it is especially important to avoid such installation errors.

1.2.3 Impact of operation

With sophisticated equipment, it is not possible without careful operation. Operation errors can also cause fatal damage to the Open Type Rotary Screen Printer. When loading or unloading the circular net, two people must cooperate and move lightly. Do not bump the circular net on other hard objects. Any accidental bumps will bring hidden dangers to the normal use of the circular net. In addition, when loading and unloading the scraper, you must also keep it small, and never touch the wall of the net. Once you leave a scar on the round net, it will likely become a breach of fracture. In addition, the tension of the circular net must be appropriate, and the pressure of the blade must be gentle and non-impact. To do this, the one-way throttle valve on the path of the blade to rise and fall should be properly adjusted so that the air flow is smooth and no obvious impact. Only in this way can the service life of the circular net be prolonged, thereby reducing costs and improving economic efficiency.