Discussion on Broken Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine


 Today, domestic fabric production in the printing and dyeing industry accounts for a considerable proportion. With the continuous introduction of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine by various printing and dyeing manufacturers, the advantages of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine are prominent. This machine has strong advantages such as adaptability, but the rotary screen printing machine still has a prominent problem. However, there is still a prominent problem with circular screen printing, which is that it is easy to break, rotten, or even scrap the screen during operation. It affects both the output and the quality with low efficiency.

It is found that the reason for the broken screen was mainly that its twisting force exceeded the capacity of the rotary screen, which was specifically reflected in the following three factors: (1) the production of the rotary screen, (2) the smooth maintenance of the equipment, and (3) the rotary screen printing. Crew operations

First, the production of the rotary screen:

1. All purchased net blanks must be checked strictly. No folds or blind holes are allowed. The diameters of the round nets are not the same. Check the acceptance.

2. The rebaking temperature of the net billet is too high, which can cause brittleness of the billet, reduce the toughness and life of the nickel net. After experiments, we can ensure that the net billet is perfectly round. The baking temperature is controlled at about 150

3.In the process of gluing, exposing, developing, etc., the round mesh is carried out according to the process requirements, and there can be no uneven gluing. Underexposure or overexposure, etc., the development must be clear, and the finished flower net must not have bubbles, blind holes, trachoma (even when applying trachoma, there should be no hard bubbles. Otherwise, it will be easy to squash the net when printing).