Machinist Operation Rules of Rotary Screen Printing Machine I



1.Purpose: To ensure the quality of products and the normal operation of equipment and the safety of employees' operations, this regulation has been formulated.

2.Scope: This regulation is applicable to the operation and equipment maintenance inspection of the rotary screen printing machine in the printing workshop.

Job responsibilities

1. Take charge of all the work of Rotary Screen Printing Machine, and complete the production tasks with quality and quantity.

2. Take charge of regional environmental sanitation and achieve safe and civilized production.

Before Rotary Screen Printing Machine works

(1) Check whether the various parts and the overall operation of Rotary Screen Printing Machine are normal, whether the rubber guide belt and nylon guide belt are damaged, whether the correction device is normal, whether the water brush device is clean, and whether there are debris, and whether the applicator device is clean to avoid scratching. Damage the rubber guide belt, whether the stainless steel plate is well lubricated, check whether the magnetic rod is straight, whether the slurry hole is blocked, whether the knife holder is worn, whether the drying room is clean, etc.

(2) Examine the process formulation, check whether there are special instructions for the process requirements, whether the process version is consistent with the process, and select a magnetic rod reasonably according to the variety structure and pattern structure, and check whether the consistency of the color paste meets the printing requirements.

(3) Check whether the specifications of the semi-finished product are consistent with the requirements of the operation instruction, whether the appearance and intrinsic quality of the semi-finished product meet the printing requirements, whether the semi-finished product is skewed when the geometric pattern and regular pattern are printed, and whether the door width is consistent.