Machinist Operation Rules of Rotary Screen Printing Machine II



When the rotary screen printing machine starts to work

(1) After the power is supplied, check whether the electrical and mechanical parts of Rotary Screen Printing Machine are working normally, whether there are any abnormal phenomena, and whether the pressure of the magnetic rod and the knife holder is adjusted to the optimal position. Check in detail whether the whole machine operator is in place and Rotary Screen Printing Machine meets the driving conditions before starting.

(2) The Rotary Screen must be carefully checked, especially the first sample. The basic alignment of the first drive requires the use of a rubber guide belt, and the normal semi-finished product alignment is required after the basic alignment. The flower pattern can't exceed 30 meters for flower defects; the 7-14 color pattern can't exceed 70 meters; after the flower is finished, check the effect of the pattern on the cloth in accordance with the guest (original) pattern and drive.

(3) Start the exhaust fan, check the indicator light at the same time, and then start the circulating fan. When all the fans are working, the indicator light should be on.

(4) Turn on the photocell and press the knob to the self-control position, so that the printed fabric is sent from the rubber guide belt to the nylon guide belt in the drying room under low tension. The printed fabric is raised into a cloth cleaner before running to reduce short hair and dust on the surface of the fabric.

(5) Press the button to rotate each circular screen.

(6) Press the button to make the rubber guide belt run at low speed.

(7) Raise the pressure roller to raise the printing adhesive tape, enter the rotary screen printing position, lower the printing knife holder, and carry out the horizontal and vertical alignment according to the alignment procedure.

(8) Appropriately correct the pressure of the magnetic rod, and after the technician checks the printing effect symbol, increase the vehicle speed to the process requirements.

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