Machinist Operation Rules of Rotary Screen Printing Machine III



During operation

(1) Rotate to check the operation of Rotary Screen Printing Machine (especially whether the pulp feeding system is operating normally) after normal driving, check the quality of the cloth at all times, check the gap between the printed cloth and the sample, and deal with problems in time to prevent batch defective products.

(2) Record the production situation in detail, the production progress of this class, the problems that occurred and the treatment methods.

(3) During normal operation, set the operation within 3 meters of Rotary Screen Printing Machine.

After operation

(1) Turn off the nylon guide belt motor in the drying room, turn off the photocell, turn off the circulating fan, raise the rotary screen to rotate, and open all the hot drying room doors to cool down.

(2) Stop the rotation of the circular net, remove the slurry probe, and unload the net.

(3) Rinse the circular screen, knife holder, slurry pump, magnetic rod, and slurry rod; clean the water brush and cloth applicator (at least once per shift); wipe off the residual slurry outside the stainless steel chuck, clean the machine, Environmental sanitation, turn off the magnetic field and the applicator; clean the drying room (at least once per shift). Do not use corrosive chemicals when cleaning.

(4) Send the cleaned circular net to the net making room.

(5) Detailed handover shift (required goods company, production variety, flower number, process, problems, measures taken, etc.).

(6) Put forward the maintenance plan and requirements for Rotary Screen Printing Machine.

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