Routine Maintenance of Licheng Rotary Screen Printing Machine


 Licheng Rotary Screen Printing Machine is easy to operation with high degree of automation, and wide variety adaptability, etc. However, in the production, the problems of twisting and breaking the screen occur. The reasons and improvement measures are analyzed as follows.

(1) Nickel mesh: Hard and brittle nickel mesh is prone to twisting and breaking. It is better to choose a hard and tough nickel mesh, which has good tensile, compression, and mechanical resistance properties. For nickel meshes of the same material, the higher the number of round meshes, the larger the number of meshes per unit area, and the smaller the mesh size, the greater the strength of the round mesh. The general pattern is preferably 31 to 39 meshes / cm (80 to 100 mesh). For individual fine lines, 49 meshes / cm (125 mesh) is used.

(2) Net making process: If the round net is not handled properly in the preparation process, the net is not allowed to be rounded, and the upper stuffy head is skewed, etc., the net will be twisted or broken due to uneven compression and tensile stress. For this reason, when preparing the flower net, it must be well rounded, clean, glued, flat, and tightly bonded.

(3) Equipment: After long-term operation, some parameters of the equipment will change, the aging of individual components, and the static equilibrium point of the host will change, which will increase the frequency of disconnection of the network. Improving measures include: often adjusting the static balance point and speed ratio of the equipment; regularly checking the tightness of the transmission part of the equipment and the tightness of the belt, and if there are hidden dangers, deal with it in a timely manner; the corrective deviation device of the rubber blanket is as far as possible when the Rotary Screen Printing Machine can operate normally Accurate adjustment to reduce the chance of its left and right swing; regularly check the chuck and find that there is inflexible rotation to deal with it in time; regularly add an appropriate amount of lubricant to the chuck.