Printing Process of Automatic Flat Screen Printer



Flat Screen Printer makes several screens according to the color of the pattern, and separates them with a frame. The mesh of the non-printed pattern on the screen is closed. The screen mesh after stretching and plate making is called the color frame. When printing, paste the fabric on a long and straight table, and the color frame is placed on the fabric. Then, add color paste into the color frame, and use the scraper to scrape the color paste back and forth on the color frame to make the color paste pass through the sieve and the mesh of the screen printing pattern is printed on the fabric.

According to the different processing methods, China Flat Screen Printer can be divided into two types: net moving flat screen printing machine and cloth moving flat screen printing machine. Among them, the net moving flat screen printing machine is divided into manual table printing machine and semi-automatic table printing machine. The cloth moving flat screen printing machine is divided into intermittent in-out cloth type and continuous in-out cloth type.

(—) Printing process of automatic Flat Screen Printer

The automatic Flat Screen Printer pastes the fabric on a flat and seamless endless guide belt that circulates in the warp direction, and intermittently runs with the guide belt. The color frame is fixed on the fabric at a fixed position for up and down movement. When the guide belt is stationary, the color frame descends, and the scraper scrapes the color paste back and forth, so that the color paste is printed on the fabric through the mesh. After the scraping is completed, the color frame is lifted, and the fabric runs forward with the printing guide belt—a return distance (equal to the length of the pattern in the screen). The printed fabric is pulled away from the guide belt at the trailing end of the printing unit and enters the dryer for drying and then falls. When the guide belt runs to the non-printing area, the color paste remaining on the guide belt is removed by the cleaning device, and the next printing cycle is prepared.