Structure Composition of Flat Screen Printing Machine


 The automatic Flat Screen Printing Machine is the structure of the cloth moving flat screen printing machine. Flat screen printing machine generally forms a printing combined machine with other unit machines and general devices, which is composed of a cloth feeding device, a printing unit, and a drying and cloth discharging device. Among them, the printing unit is the core part of the automatic flat screen printing machine, which is mainly composed of a cloth applicator, a cloth guide mechanism, a color frame lifting mechanism, a scraping mechanism, and a guide belt cleaning mechanism.

1. Cloth feeding device. According to the needs, it can be used to enter the cloth and fold into the cloth to ensure that the fabric is flat and low tension and the printing guide belt enters the man-machine table simultaneously. A dust collector can also be used to remove dust, fluff and yarn ends on the fabric.

2. Patching device. In order to make the fabric evenly pasted on the guide belt, two forms of water-soluble paste patch and thermoplastic resin patch are usually used.

(1) Water-soluble paste patch: This form is through two-roller feeding device, the water-soluble paste in the pulp tank is uniformly transferred to the surface of the printing guide belt by the feeding roller, and the fabric is flat and sticky under the action of the pressing roller Paste on the guide tape. The thickness of the pulp layer can be adjusted by adjusting the gap between the pulp roller and the guide belt according to different fabric specifications and varieties. It is suitable for hydrophilic fabrics and flat screen printing machine with narrow door widths.

(2) Thermoplastic resin patch: In this form, the fabric is pressed against the thermoplastic resin-coated printing guide tape by hot pressing rollers.

The heat pressing roller adopts internal heating and the temperature is controllable. In order to ensure that the guide belt is heated uniformly, the linear pressure of the heat pressing roller is interlocked with the running speed of the guide belt. When the speed of the guide belt is high, the pressure is large. It is suitable for any fabric and flat screen printing machine of various widths, especially suitable for hydrophobic fabrics.