Working Principle of Flat Screen Printer


The printing guide belt of Flat Screen Printer is to send the fabric from one net frame to another net frame with a fixed length. The printed guide belt is a seamless rubber guide belt made of multiple layers of canvas coated rubber. The printing guide belt can accurately control and adjust the running distance and pause position according to the size of the flower return, and can make acceleration, deceleration, braking and automatic cycle actions. The printed fabric is always pasted on the printing guide belt flatly and adhesively, and it runs and stops along with the guide belt. The guide belt is supported by a flat table.

The difference between the two movements of the intermittent movement in the printing zone and the continuous movement in the non-printing zone in each printing cycle is automatically compensated by the walking roller I at the cloth end and the moving roller II at the cloth end. Its working principle is: at the beginning of printing cycle, the printing guide belt is clamped by the gripper, and driven by the oil cylinder, it travels at a speed of va-a return length. At this time, the continuous return speed of the guide belt vr is less than va, so the traveling roller I is vertically downward from position A Moving to A ', roller II moves horizontally from position B to B' under the action of traction chain 2. When scraping, the printing zone guide belt is still (va = 0), while the non-printing zone guide belt is driven by the driving roller A controlled by the hydraulic variable speed motor, and continuously conveys the guide belt at a continuously changing speed vr, so the roller II is The guide belt is pulled back from the position B 'to the original position B, and the roller I is returned to the original position A from the position A'.

The belt drive system of Flat Screen Printer is the key to determine the printing quality and accuracy. The guide belt is required to be accurately positioned during transmission without any deviation. The transmission method of guide belt is divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission. The mechanical transmission structure is simple, the manufacture is convenient, and the power consumption is low, but the mechanical wear is large and the precision of the matching is poor; the hydraulic transmission has high precision and high degree of automation, which is convenient for centralized control and convenient operation, but the power consumption is large.

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