Structure Composition of Flat Screen Printing Machine II


 As is mentioned in the article Structure Composition of Flat Screen Printing Machine . The automatic Flat Screen Printing Machine is the structure of the cloth moving flat screen printing machine. Flat screen printing machine generally forms a printing combined machine with other unit machines and general devices, which is composed of a cloth feeding device, a printing unit, and a drying and cloth discharging device. Now, let’s learn something about color frame lifting mechanism, scraping device, guide belt cleaning mechanism, flower cloth dryer, etc.

1.Color frame lifting mechanism. When printing, the color frame will automatically drop to contact with the fabric and be pressed before it can scrape the color paste. After scraping, the color frame needs to be immediately raised to a certain height, completely detached from the printed fabric, and then the printed fabric travels with the guide belt-a flower The length of the color frame must be smooth, and it must be properly coordinated with the running of the guide belt and the reciprocating movement of the scraper. The lifting movement of the screen frame can be driven by an electric motor or liquid / air pressure.

2.Scraping device. Squeegee devices are divided into two types: rubber squeegee (cylinder is called a squeegee) and magnetic squeegee roller (cylinder is called a magnetic roller). The scraper-type scraping device is composed of a transmission box, a guide frame, a sliding seat, a scraper, a color frame, and a color frame adjustment frame.

3.Guide belt cleaning mechanism. In the printing process, the color paste often oozes from the front to the back of the cloth to contaminate the guide belt. The guide belt is also stuck with fluff and other contaminants. It must be cleaned in time. Therefore, a washing device for the guide belt is installed in the non-printing area of the guide belt And, this water washing device is composed of shower, water tank, wiper and so on.

4.Flower cloth dryer. How does the permeability of the printing fabric change? After all the objects are separated from the printing guide belt, they are sent to the conveyor belt of the fabric dryer for tensionless drying. The transmission mesh belt is a mesh belt woven from polyester fiber monofilament with rough surface and great air permeability. During the drying process of fabrics, regardless of the thickness of the fabrics, the density of the tissues and the printing color paste, there will be no "color matching".