Wide Application Of Open Type Rotary Screen Printer


   We don't need to say much about the many advantages of an open type rotary screen printer, such as easy and safe operation, bright colors, long shelf life and, importantly, a wide range of applications! So what exactly is the broad application? Let's follow our website to find out more.

  In addition to the flat screen printing we all know for paper, cardboard, PVC, glass, non-woven materials, cardboard and other sheet materials, there are also these areas where screen printing can be used.

  1. Applications in commercial art

  Screen printing in commercial art can be used to print a variety of decals, road signs, drapes, flags, various decorative items, advertising materials, ceramics, glass, plastic, metal containers, wallpaper and fan paper, etc.

  2. Applications in the electronics industry

  Widely used in printed circuit boards, capacitors, resistors, thick film integrated circuits, etc.

  3. Application to printmaking

  The prints are made into hundreds of reproductions by hand, using engraving as a means. Silk-screen prints are also a variety of printmaking, currently more popular in France, Italy and Japan silk-screen prints, the appearance of silk-screen prints in China for more than a decade. Silkscreen prints do not require a large and expensive open type rotary screen printer compared to other methods. It features the ability to create high-precision portraits that no other layout can replicate.

  There are many advantages of screen printing, and you need a powerful screen printer to help you, if you just need this equipment, then hurry to send us a message.