Four Characteristics Of Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory Interpretive Equipment


  The screen printing machine is a piece of representative printing equipment in the hole printing press, the manufacture of screen material in addition to silk, nylon wire, copper wire, a steel wire or stainless steel wire is also available. It can be divided into flat screen printing, curved screen printing, rotary screen printing, etc. Its characteristics are.

  Screen printer printing concept of relativity: the concept of special printing has a great relative, is the use of general printing technology in general printing technology based on the development of the printing branch, screen printer substrate diversity: substrate material in addition to paper, cardboard, corrugated board, metal, glass, fabric, synthetic resin fibers, etc.; substrate appearance is not only flat, but there are also curved surface, rigid appearance, elastic appearance and molding, etc.; substrate standard in addition to the practice, there are a variety of standards.

  The special nature of the printing process of the screen printing machine: is the primary feature of special printing, the primary manifestation of the printed matter or printed products in the whole production process; such as printing principle does not only include pressure printing, but also includes pressureless printing; plate making methods and plate materials used are different, plate making process is also different; post-press processing does not refer to bookbinding, but mostly refers to such as coating and varnishing; screen printing equipment special: the special nature of the printing process resolution of the equipment used special.

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