Some Questions About The Use Of Flat Screen Printer


  Generally, the product must be dried with a hairdryer and left in the sun for a few hours.

  Before using the flat screen printer, first, check that the pattern in the screen printing plate and the font is clear. If there are small spots on the pattern, they can be filled with a patch.

  During the commissioning process, the flat screen printer is kept as parallel to the product bearing frame as possible, and the squeegee pressure is slightly increased to ensure that the screen printing plate is not so easy to rub.

  In general, in the production, with 719 diluent to scrub the flat screen printer is better, but do not use alcohol to scrub the flat screen printer, because alcohol has a part of the water, and the flat screen printer will play a certain negative situation (such as patching plate off, some smaller fonts are easy to fall off).

  A good flat screen printer can normally be used several times, if, in the production, the output is less, after the completion of the screen printing plate should be removed as soon as possible to clean the clean, while in the cleaning, do not use a knife, you can use some harder paper.


  For the flat screen printer clean, to ensure that the flat screen printer in the pattern and font to be clear, and then to blow dry, and then put on the designated location.