China Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory: Opportunities And Challenges Co-exist


   The manufacturing capacity of our flat screen printing machine factory in the country has developed rapidly in recent years, and our flat screen printing machine factory has a numerical advantage in the domestic market. According to the survey about 63%, of which, domestic pre-treatment equipment and continuous rolling and dyeing machines and heat sizing machines have a large market share. The main advantages of the domestic flat screen printing machine factory are concentrated on the cheap price, can meet the process requirements, good after-sales service, convenient maintenance, and repair. aspect. This is because our flat screen printing presses is familiar with the complex and changing processes and dyeing chemicals in our country, as well as regional differences. We have won a large number of domestic users through flexible process configuration, simplified use conditions, easy maintenance structure, and excellent after-sales service. But the comprehensive technical level of the domestic printing machine is general, compared with the developed products in terms of innovation, stability, and manufacturing precision. There is still a certain gap in the overall level, the products are similar and low value-added, most of the products are not yet able to enter the world high-end market. Most of the world's high-end market is dominated by developed printing machines.

  Nevertheless, some enterprises in China's printing and dyeing machinery industry are trying to catch up with the world level, their independent research and development ability is improving, some products have been able to keep pace with the development of international products.

  With the introduction of environmental protection policies and the increase in energy costs, the printing and dyeing industry will pay more attention to environmental protection and improve product quality in the future, which is It is bound to have an impact on low-end printing machine products. But the domestic printing and dyeing machinery, low-end products more product pattern in the next few years will not have much change. This is because the domestic printing and dyeing machinery products have less individuality, variety concentration, price competition is serious. Two years ago, the beginning of a substantial price increase of stainless steel, has made the profits of enterprises is very thin, for technological research and product development funds are less and less squeezed! (b) The accumulation of technology in enterprises is inadequate. In addition, other types of fiber processing machinery, less variety, low grade, for example, our wool dyeing and finishing equipment products to the '90s of the last century Development was halted in the middle of the decade, and some 1970s model N equipment is still in production. At present, most of the market of wool dyeing and finishing equipment in China is occupied by developed products.