Application Of Hot Air Stenter Fine Finishing Operation Technology


   The current hot air stenter uses high precision, which is a combination of multiple link units formed by the combination of links, and the drive link has one end of the upper and lower flanges of the pinhole chain and is provided on the deep groove ball bearing and the upper and lower sides, The upper and lower dust caps are arranged between the chain links, and the outer surfaces of the top and bottom rings are provided with cylindrical protrusions, and the cylindrical boss of the upper dust cover is provided with holes for oblique lubrication, the end The lubrication holes correspond to deep groove ball bearings.

  Since the hot air stenter adjusts the high wear of the chain, it is composed of multiple units connected by combination keys, and any link units are parallel and spaced apart from each other, and the upper flange and the lower flange are cavity coupling chains, and the upper and The two ends of the lower flange are respectively provided with holes for chain pins. The chain includes oil-free bearings and the holes are arranged concentrically. The free oil of the sleeve bearing is shrouded on the axis of the pin. The upper end of the pin shaft is provided with a snap The groove, the center of the upper flange is provided with a threaded hole, and the pressure plate is arranged.

  The center of the pressure plate has corresponding threads of through-hole to the hole, the bolt is inserted into the through-hole, the bolt is screwed into the threaded hole and the edge of the pressure plate is embedded into the card slot, due to the multiple track segments of the hot air stenter, each The guide rail part includes the top plate of the guide rail and the lower plate of the track. A part of the bottom plate guide rail is provided with a lower plate and a lower plate. The lower plate is arranged parallel to the upper plate of the guide rail, and the friction plate is arranged inside the baffle and Opposite the track plate, there is a link in the chain, and the link in the chain is fixedly connected to the slave sensor.

  Adjusting cooling fan for hot air stenter, with upper air outlet, located at the lower air outlet of the cabinet, and on the opposite side of the air inlet at the bottom, the motor is installed at the same horizontal position on the opposite side of the air inlet, output The shaft extends into the housing to install the blades, and an air volume adjusting device, the air volume of the adjusting device includes a fixed plate sliding plate and a transmission mechanism.