Precautions For Use Of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine (1)


   The size of the steel plate of the open type rotary screen printing machine should match the size of the oil pan, knife holders, and oil roller.

  Pay attention to the choice of printing plastic head:

  The hardness of printing glue can be divided into soft, medium, and hard.

  For the finer patterns, the harder ones are used, and soft plastic heads are suitable for uneven prints. In addition, the volume and shape of the plastic head should be similar to the size of the pattern and the shape of the surface of the printed part.

  Use of ink for open type rotary screen printing machine:

  Printing materials of different materials, such as plastic, glass, or metal, must use different inks, and the inks must be stirred before being injected into the oil pan. When the operation is paused, press the "empty line" buttons to allow the oil scraping system to continue to work to prevent the ink from drying out.

  During the printing process, an appropriate amount of thinner should be added from time to time to maintain the proper viscosity of the ink according to the air drying speed of the ink. After the thinner is added, it should be stirred immediately. If the printing glue gets dirty, it should be wiped off with a cleaning agent. The fixture must be prefabricated according to the shape of the printed part. After printing, use a cleaning agent to clean the steel plate and remove the oil roller for cleaning. Safe operation, two people are not allowed to operate a machine at the same time, to avoid accidents.