Overhaul Of Electrical Parts Of The Flat Screen Printer


   The structure of the domestic flat screen printer is composed of the worktable lifting and the screen frame sliding left and right. Licheng here briefly introduces the simple maintenance method of common failures of the pneumatic flat screen-printer.

  1. Press the start button of the flat screen printer and the table has no action failure: first, we check whether the air source of the machine is connected, whether the lifting solenoid valve is damaged, and replace it if it is damaged.

  2. The workbench of the flat screen printer has been raised, and the screen holder has no action: first, check whether the lifting sensor of the workbench has sensed a signal output. After troubleshooting, check whether the solenoid valves controlling the screen holder is damaged or blocked. After removing the above two faults, the machine should be able to proceed with the next step.

  3. The flat screen printer has completed the printing order and cannot return ink, and the workbench cannot return to the original position to issue an alarm: the first check whether the sensor on the right side of the screen holder is sensed or damaged. After troubleshooting, the machine can work normally.