Motor Maintenance Knowledge Of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine


  Open type rotary screen printing machine is the power device of the laminating machine. Our products all use 1.5KW motor as the power source, so the maintenance of the motor is an important part of the equipment. Reasonable use of motors will extend the service life of the laminating machine and provide the laminating efficiency of the laminating machine.

  Paper finishing equipment. Its role is to improve the smoothness, gloss, tightness, and thickness uniformity of the paper web. It is an integral part of the paper machine. It is installed between the drying section and the paper reel. It is generally composed of several rollers made of cold-shock cast iron or hardened steel. It is vertically stacked on the frame and driven by the bottom roller. After the dried paper is rolled, it is sent to the roll paper section. Generally, the low-speed paper machine has 3-6 rolls, and the high-speed paper machine has 8-10 rolls. Tissue paper, single-sided glossy paper, and paper types of high absorption requirements do not need to be calendered.


  The final stage of base paper and coated paper processing are calendering. This process can add gloss on the surface of the paper, improve surface smoothness, and adjust the thickness of the paper sheet. For different purposes, the structure of the machine and the combination of rollers is also varied.