Essentials For Daily Maintenance Of Flat Screen Printer


   Routine maintenance of flat screen printer

  1. Turn on the power and confirm the voltage. Turn on the main power switch and confirm that the voltage of the regulator is stable at 220V.

  2. The machine is powered on; turn on the machine power, and then turn on the power.

  3. Open the control software; check whether the USB cable connected between the computer and the motherboard is plugged in, and then open the software. At this time, the software will automatically detect the movement of the X, Y, and Z axes of the device. The three "success" means that the device is operating normally.

  4. Open the ink valve and confirm the negative pressure; turn the ink valve to the level to open the valve; then confirm whether the negative pressure is normal.

  5. Press the ink and wipe the nozzle; press the ink button for 2-3 seconds, you can press it repeatedly several times, then wipe the ink on the surface of the nozzle with a clean cloth.

  6. Print the nozzle status; in the control software, the "head lift" page determines the print height, set the printing position on the "print control" page, and then click "nozzle status", the machine will print.

  7. Confirm that the nozzles are in good condition; check the status of each nozzle, no clogged nozzles, no oblique nozzles are in good condition, you must keep the nozzles that are printed every day in good condition, and you need to deal with them in time if the nozzles are in poor condition.

  8. Production or standby; through the above detection and observation, the machine can be produced if it is in good condition. If the machine needs to be on standby, please check the "Flash Jet" status.