Daily Shutdown And Moisturizing Of Flat Screen Printer


   1. Print the status of the print head; confirm that the print head is in good condition before the flat screen printer is turned off. If the print head is not in good condition, please execute the "Print Head Maintenance Process".

  2. Turn on the flash jet state; it is recommended that the flat screen printer was kept powered on in daily standby mode, the computer is not turned off, and the control software turns on the "flash jet" state; only the light is turned off.

  3. Close the ink valve; when the flat screen printer needs to be powered off, turn the ink valve 45 degrees to close the ink valve.

  4. Close the software; before the flat screen printer is powered off, first normally close the control software to save the software data, and then turn off the power.

  5. Power off the flat screen printer; press the "Power off switch" to power off the flat screen printer, turn off the main power switch, and then dial the power plug of the flat screen printer.

  6. Spray head moisturizing treatment; wrap the stretch film with a plate or foam the size of the nozzle bottom plate, then place the dust-free cloth on it, pour moisturizing solution, let the dust-free cloth completely wet, and then put it under the nozzle bottom plate.

  7. Soak the nozzles; press the ink cart on the dust-free cloth soaked with moisturizing liquid, pay attention to each nozzle must be able to press on the dust-free cloth to ensure that the nozzles are moisturizing.

  8. Moisturizing is complete. The nozzle should not be too tight on the lint-free cloth, just soak in the moisturizing liquid, and the moisturizing is complete.