Ink Selection Of Flat Screen Printing Machine


      The ink of the flat screen printing machine, like other types of ink, is made by mixing and grinding pigments, resins, solvents, and additives.

1. According to the drying method, it can be divided into:

Evaporation-drying type-the method of making the ink film and sticking through solvent volatilization.

Oxidation polymerization type-through oxidation reaction to make the ink film adhesion method.

Two-liquid reaction type-through two-component chemical reaction to make the ink film adhesion method.

Ultraviolet curing type-through the chemical reaction caused by ultraviolet radiation to make the ink film adhesion method.

Different drying methods of ink can bring different gloss and different resistance (mechanical resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance) of the ink film after printing, and different drying equipment will produce different costs, so users need to choose carefully.

2. According to the type of ink binder, it can be divided into many types, but different ink manufacturers choose different resins, which can be roughly divided into epoxy resin, polyurethane, polyester, vinyl, acrylic, and rubber. and many more. Only when the different materials of the substrate are clearly defined can different resin types of inks be selected to avoid the consequences of poor adhesion caused by ink errors. For substrates with unclear materials, it is best to pass a printing test before determining the ink to be used.

3. Different types of inks use the supporting diluents provided by their manufacturers, mainly because various diluents have different solubility for various resin types of inks to avoid bad printing results.