A Flat Screen Printer Is Particularly Convenient To Use


   The flat screen printer of Licheng Printing and Dyeing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. have a built-in computer chip, which realizes automatic protection, easy to use and safe; superpower output and three gears of large, medium, and small are adjustable to meet the welding and cutting requirements of different material thicknesses; automatic frequency tracking system and The application of ultrasonic soft start technology makes the performance of the whole machine reach the international level. It can be installed with enlarged diameter flower molds to make special laces and craft flower pieces.

  Features of flat screen printer:

  1. The power is large and it can handle all kinds of difficult-to-press fabrics. The power can be adjusted according to the thickness of the cloth.

  2. The vibrator is imported from original packaging, with complete acoustic-electric conversion efficiency. Ultrasonic energy is high, not easy to get hot.

  3. The mold assembly adopts a sliding flower wheel bracket, which is adjustable in size and easy to operate.

  4. The bottom mold is made of high-strength mold steel, which can rotate to reduce the wear of the mold and the bottom, and the service life is durable.

  5. The flower mold is easy to lift and has a high level.

  When many companies are looking for ways to reduce maintenance costs, they only pay attention to unpredictable and uncontrollable sudden failures but ignore the conventional problems in the entire equipment operation system. It is precise that the effective control of conventional consumable problems can not only reduce a large number of Maintenance costs, and can greatly improve the efficiency of production equipment, reduce the probability of major problems, and achieve equipment efficiency and cost control.