Fire Prevention Work Of Hot Air Stenter Machine


 When pre-sizing the fabric, consider the slightly different setting temperature of the hot air stenter machine produced by different manufacturers to choose the appropriate setting temperature. Generally, the content of spandex is less than 5%, and the knitted fabrics that are not severely curled during slitting can be directly open-width dyed after pre-sizing. If the content is greater than 5%, the knitted fabrics with open edges that affect dyeing must be sewn after pre-sizing. Dyeing can only be done in a cylindrical shape, otherwise the dyeing problem caused by curling cannot be overcome. When knitting fabrics are dyed, select the appropriate cloth speed and nozzle pressure to achieve better dyeing results. The cycle time is preferably 2 to 3 minutes. The speed calculation formula is cloth speed = cloth loop length/cloth cycle time .
1. Make sure to clean up the surrounding environment of the hot air stenter machine, the top of the machine, the appearance of the top flue, the screen inside the machine, and the cloth around the electric box before handing over every day.
2. Perform a thorough sanitation every 15 days, including the air vents in the machine, take out the screen and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the cloth of the heat exchanger tube, remove the inspection opening of the top flue, and clean the cloth in the flue hair.
3. Open the inspection port of the exhaust fan to clean up the cloth and oil in the fan (Note: Be sure to turn off the main power supply of the setting machine or the power supply of the exhaust fan and have someone to guard the power switch. Beware of the exhaust Someone turned on the power switch by mistake when the fan was installed).
4. Every employee should understand the use of dry-powder weapons. There must be four or more people in each shift who will use fire hydrants to turn on fire pumps. Non-fire-fighting purposes should not use weapons to destroy weapons. It is strictly forbidden to destroy, pile up, or steal weapons and zeros. part.
5. Every employee must understand the escape route, as usual, they must ensure the flow of a quiet passage, and the fire-fighting steam must be tested once every 15 days. Where the temperature of the boiler is heated to more than 100 degrees, the hot air stenter machine should turn on the top exhaust fan and the oven circulating fan. When the boiler oil temperature has not risen enough, the temperature control table can be adjusted to zero. Temporarily not heating up is beneficial. The boiler heats up.
6. If there is a power outage during the event, the oven door must be opened to cool down. Before shutting down, wait for the boiler oil temperature to drop below 100 degrees before shutting down.
7. If a hot air stenter machine is stopped, first adjust the temperature control meter to zero and open the case door to cool down. After cooling down, check whether the electric three-way valve is closed properly. If there is some malfunction, please close the manual valve. Well, don't let hot oil enter the oven.