How To Clean The Flat Screen Printer


   In general, there are five cleaning services for flat screen printer: Cleaning of the walking arm: first remove the cover, then check whether there is debris on the track of the walking arm, use a dust cleaner to clean the debris, and then use a brush to remove the debris in the gap After liquidation, wipe the track of an alcohol-free dust-free cloth, and then add some track oil to the track.

  Two inspections of the servo motor: first manually control the motor movement, check whether the motor movement is stable, touch the motor if there is heat, the long-term movement will cause the transmission shaft to loosen, if necessary, stop adjusting the motor PID parameters and adjust the degree; check the motor Whether the connecting belt can be loose or broken, stop conditioning and replacement if necessary.

  Check whether there is any debris in the gearbox connecting the motor and the track. After clearing, use butter to smooth the stepping linear motor. First, check whether there is debris in the motor track and stop the clearing. Secondly, gently push the walking arm to see if there is any Resistance, if you want to check whether the contact between the slider of the motor and the track is too tight, add some rail oil after checking.

  Sensor cylinder maintenance: first remove the locking screw of the protective cover from the inner hexagon; then stop three inspections: check whether the PLC wiring terminal is loose; check whether the various sensors are loose and whether the connection is reliable; check the cylinder air pipe performance Whether there is air leakage; check the flatness of the touch surface, whether there are burrs, stop liquidation and change if necessary. It is to do a good job in the liquidation and maintenance of the printing table.