Open Rotary Screen Printer's Autumn Maintenance


   Autumn is here, so how to maintain the open rotary screen printer in autumn is better. What are the precautions? Below we summarize some knowledge to share with you, I hope it will be helpful for everyone, so that the open rotary screen printer can last longer long.

  Because most customers did not solve the grounding problem of installation and use. In autumn, the humidity in the air has dropped very significantly, and even in some areas, the humidity is lower than 20%, causing serious static electricity. The ejected ink droplets change their direction before printing and cause sticking. If this phenomenon is not resolved for a long time, the electrostatic voltage on the inkjet machine will reach 6-10V, which may cause damage to the print head.

  Specific operation method:


  The grounding problem must be taken seriously, the main operation method: the copper plate must be welded well, the copper wire should be buried in the moist soil 1.5 meters below the ground, and the salt water should be poured. It is best to use the whole wire for the ground wire, without any joints, and make good contact with the machine;


  The humidity around the machine reaches 40-60% relative humidity, so that static electricity generated by friction between the printer and the object will also be transmitted out of the air, and will not affect the ink droplets on the nozzle. The standard for purchasing an industrial humidifier is not to consume less than 4 liters of water per hour. If the ventilation is good, try to choose a humidifier with a water consumption of 6 liters/hour;


  Some customers use electrostatic brushes to solve static electricity operation method is also worth recommending;


  Try to keep the indoor temperature constant;


  When performing air ventilation in the operating room, pay attention to changes in temperature and humidity.