Debugging Of A Flat Screen Printer


   Maintaining a good state is a prerequisite for the flat screen printer to ensure good combing performance. Combining the actual situation of the enterprise, establish a sound use and maintenance management system.

  The flat-screen printer needs a series of inspections before it can be put into use. Many people do not pay attention to this when using the flat screen printer, and it is easy to cause harm to the flat screen-printer. A flat screen printer that can work normally is reflected in the degree of consistency between actual assembly specifications and design requirements or process requirements; assembly reliability is mainly manifested in the stability of the connection and cooperation of parts after long-term production and operation.

  The installation and test run of the equipment is divided into three stages, namely the inspection before the test run, the empty test run, and the physical test run. The main purpose is to make the equipment maintain its technical level after repair.

  Maintaining a good condition is a prerequisite for a fine flat screen printer to ensure good combing performance, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise.

  Make a record of the wiping of the well-maintained machine to prevent leakage and do more so that the wiping and maintenance can be carried out regularly. Also, in the case of relatively large amounts of impurities and silk in the raw materials, it is necessary to shorten the maintenance cycle of the car. Wiping the car is not difficult, but it is not easy to do the maintenance of the car. This requires the security staff to be meticulous and persevering.

  The flat screen printer plays a very important role in our work, so the flat screen printer is very popular in the market.

  Check whether there is oil leakage in the oil tank and whether the bearing is lack of oil; check whether the sensors in various parts are normal; clean the fiber transfer and trash channel to make the channel smooth; clean the elastic, doffer, and part of the fixed cover and other parts that are easy to stick Wait.

  After the equipment is flat-mounted, the positioning and level of key components are further adjusted first, and then the process part is adjusted and put on the machine.

  The temperature and humidity in the workshop have a great influence on the performance and service life. Especially in the workshop where pure polyester and polyester/viscose blends are produced, improper temperature and humidity control can easily cause the compression roller to return to flower and damage.

  Check whether the sensors in each part are normal; clean up the fiber transfer and removal channels to make the channels smooth.

  The flat screen printer is an extension of the flat screen printer. Two of the flat screen printers are tailor-made for customers such as stores and households. They have made great progress in sorting, testing, vacuuming, and safety. , The processing efficiency is outstanding and the effect is remarkable. The raw sliver has less jumble and uniform thickness. The application of the three-pricker feeding technology improves impurity removal, reduces the burden of main combing and impurity removal, and creates conditions for the growth of cylinders.

  For flat screen printers, at least two cycles of car maintenance work must be completed for each carding line every month.

  Do a good job in the management of recycled materials. In many cases, the damage is caused by foreign matter in the raw materials, especially the hard impurities are prone to appear in the reused raw materials, so the management of the reused raw materials should be strengthened.