Uses And Functional Advantages Of Hot Air Stenter


   The hot air stenter is composed of unique humidification system software and steam drying, and three professional and technical personnel including refrigeration and setting. After the subordinate fabric is processed and solved by this machine, its warp yarn count can be effectively adjusted to stabilize the fabric specifications and make the finished product It is not easy to change the shrinkage rate after ironing again.

  A hot air stenter is equipped with infrared induction automatic cloth placement system software so that a certain vertical arc is maintained between the cloth and the conveyor belt to ensure that the cloth has no support. The three function levels of humidification, air-drying, and refrigeration are set to be connected and transported by Teflon mesh belts so that the fabrics can be used in various regions without supporting force. The hot air stenter is embedded with a fully automatic correction device so that the stainless steel mesh belt can be adjusted automatically to ensure its service life.

  The hot air stenter humidification zone is developed by steam jets so that the textile can absorb a large amount of water in a relatively limited time. With a high-speed vibration and beating device, the warp and yarn count of the fabric is adjusted again to maximize the fabric. The good actual effect of pre-shrinking. Set the steam acquisition hood to suck away the residual water and organic waste gas in the steam humidification area to ensure no water seepage, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

  The hot air stenter selects unnecessary steam from the steam zone to be purchased to the air-drying zone and uses the waste heat recovery of the purchased steam to achieve the actual effect of heating so that the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving of the equipment is above 30%, and its temperature is constant. It is easy to burn the fabric and leave imprints. It is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. The built-in powerful lower exhaust air in the cooling and shaping area makes the actual effect of fabric cooling and shaping faster. Equipped with a swing arm swaying fabric stacking device, it is more conducive to storage management to stretch the fabric. Equipped with a counter to accurately measure the length and shrinkage of the fabric. Optional intelligent system industrial touch screen PLC control, with fault detection, alarm, basic parameter actual operation more personalized.