About The Screen Cleaning Method Of An Automatic Flat Screen Printer


   After the automatic flat screen printer completes the printing production, cleaning the screen is a very important step, because it can extend the service life of the screen and avoid special changes and chemical reactions caused by the residual substances in the screen after use. The film fades. So, what is the screen cleaning method of the automatic flat screen printer?

  Screen cleaning method of automatic flat screen printer:

  1. The commonly used cleaning method is to wash with water, but some raw materials are not clean with water, so cleaning aids with high alcohol content are required;

  2. Use commonly used cleaning screen materials, generally bleach, cleaning aids, alcohol, etc.;

  3. When cleaning the printing plate, lay the printing plate flat in the printing plate cleaning tank and wipe gently. Do not clean vertically, so as not to affect the tension in the sieve plate and loosen the sieve plate.

  Also, the method of cleaning the sieve plate with wire mesh:

  1. Wash the screen to 5-10% glacial acetic acid solution for 5 minutes, and then wash all residues with hot water;

  2. Pass the metal wire directly through the gas flame or Bunsen burner and then wipe it with a cleaning brush to make a film. However, be careful not to let it stay on the flame for a long time;

  3. You can also use 3.10% lye or 20% ammonia solution to clean or remove oil stains on the wire mesh;

  4. An old method of cleaning wire mesh is to insert the wire mesh into a shelf that is as thick as the wire mesh frame, polish it with emery cloth, wipe it with a pumice stone, volatile oil, or paint diluent solvent, and then wash it with hot water. Then paste the template on the wire mesh.

  This article introduces the above several methods about the screen cleaning method of an automatic flat screen printer, for your reference. The in-depth understanding of the automatic flat screen printer screen cleaning method can not only extend the service life of the screen but also be used for printing.