A Fully Automatic Flat Screen Printer Benefits You


   In this ever-advancing society, the development of various occupations is getting faster and better. In this rapidly developing industrialized society, more and more people are paying attention to automation equipment. For a long time, workers engaged in industrialization have been repeating heavy tasks every day, which makes many people yearn for this easier task and can do some relatively easy things. The flat-screen printer is a kind of printing equipment. It is widely used in the printing industry. Because it is fully automatic equipment, it saves everyone from the heavy work, reduces everyone’s labor, and also makes The job efficiency of the profession has been greatly improved.

  The flat screen printer is process equipment in the electronic production and patch production line. High rigidity, high precision, fine distance, and stable printing are the fundamental features of flat screen printers. The high-precision screen printing of miniaturized, diverse, and fine-distance electronic components is the fundamental requirement for flat screen printers. Electronic production skills are now being developed in the direction of flexibility. Therefore, the accuracy and compatibility of printing equipment has become the primary elements for satisfying the needs of the current production industry.

  To get used to the demand for the production of surface assembly technology (SMT), printing equipment has the following two development directions: one is to increase production power and minimize the production area. The new SMT template printing equipment is changing from the traditional single-channel PCB ( Printed circuit board) transportation and printing are developing in the direction of transportation and printing of two-way PCB. This trend is also used to the needs of two-way mounting and soldering. The output power of the dual-circuit structure is more than 50% higher than that of the single-circuit structure. The second is that the new template printing equipment is moving in the direction of intelligence. Under the control of intelligent software, a variety of printing actions are performed together, which improves the output power.

  At present, the development trend of SMT is that the speed of the placement machine behind the flat screen printer is getting faster and faster. Therefore, the requirements of the production line of the flat screen printer are not only on the accuracy but also on the speed of the printer. Claim. At the same time, a high-power printing technology that does not cause defects has recently been proposed on the market. In other words, there is no problem with the products produced by machines, and the most defective products are formed by human factors. To eliminate defects, it is necessary to make corresponding improvements on the printing equipment, so that the operation of the printing equipment can be simplified, and then the defective products formed by human factors are reduced.