Hot Air Stenter Machine Has A Solution To Elastic Edges


   In the process of using the hot air stenter machine, there may be various abnormalities, and the elastic side is one of them. Some people say that they don’t know how to improve the existing elastic side problem, so, Today, Zhengda Printing and Dyeing has made an understanding of the causes and solutions for the elastic edges. I hope that everyone can find a way to better deal with these problems when using the equipment.

  This kind of equipment is a kind of equipment for shaping and heating materials. It can achieve the heating effect you want by heating to ensure that the subsequent use work can proceed smoothly. Once the elastic edge appears, the use effect cannot be guaranteed, and it may even Leading to unnecessary waste of fabrics, the most likely reason for such a situation is that the hot air inside the equipment is unevenly blown.

  If this happens, the user must make reasonable adjustments to its air volume, and the speed should also be lowered, so that the existing elastic edge problem can be solved well because the thinner the fabric is. The higher the possibility of the situation, therefore, when the fabric is relatively thin, it is recommended that the user should especially grasp the amount and speed of the air blow, otherwise it may cause unnecessary waste of the fabric.

  The above is the reason for the elastic edge and the improvement method when using the hot air stenter machine. As a user, to avoid such problems, it is necessary to set the equipment appropriately according to the actual situation of the fabric. If you don’t know how to set it, you can also find professionals from Zhengda Printing and Dyeing to help yourself.