Factors Affecting The Accuracy Of The Flat Screen Printer Printing


   The flat screen printer is not restricted by the shape of the surface of the product to be printed and the size of the area. As long as it can be printed by a screen printer, it can be printed by a flat screen printer, but a flat screen printer cannot do without the accuracy of the printer. Many people don't understand the flat screen printer, so what factors will affect the accuracy of flat screen printer printing?

  1. Selection of screen-making materials and printing materials: including screen frame material, screen material, mesh number, color, and printing material performance;

  2. Screen printing equipment and tooling: namely screen printing machine, positioning tooling, etc.;

  3. Production process: including stretch screen, screen plate making, printing process, etc.;

  4. Working environment conditions: the temperature, humidity, and cleanliness of the worksite, especially cleanliness are important factors affecting product quality;

  5. People are the most important factor affecting the quality of the project, and the operator must have a high sense of responsibility and high technical quality.

  In flat screen printer screen printing, it is necessary to control process factors such as the deployment of printing equipment, tooling, squeegee, screen distance, and squeegee pressure.