Hot Air Stenter Daily Precautions


   Before turning on the hot air stenter, the staff must complete a series of inspections. Only after checking and ensuring that everything is normal in the hot air stenter, can the device be turned on and operated as required. Otherwise, not only will we not be able to complete our tasks, but it will even cause some damage to the equipment. Next, we will introduce the relevant content.

  During the inspection, we need to carefully check the power connection of the hot air stenter equipment and whether each link part is normal. At the same time, we should check whether the electrical, instrumentation, and safety protection devices are normal. If an abnormal problem is found, it must be dealt with in time, and it can be used only after the problem is solved. It is strictly forbidden to work with the equipment. Then, we set the appropriate temperature according to the specific work requirements and then turn on the equipment in order.

  After the equipment enters the operating state, as a staff member, you also need to pay more attention. Not only must pay attention to the working status of the hot air stenter equipment promptly, but also make appropriate adjustments according to the actual production situation to ensure that the equipment can always be stable and reliable. Operating status. At the same time, we must ensure that the safety shield is intact to avoid accidents.

  When the work is about to be completed, we need to be prepared for downtime. Remember, before shutting down the hot air stenter, we need to transfer the cooling notice to the heat transfer oil furnace. Then turn off the fan, and turn them on for cooling. When the temperature drops to 80 degrees Celsius, the equipment can be shut down. This is to avoid uneven heating problems, so as not to affect the treatment effect.

  Later, we also need to conduct regular inspections and cleaning work. The main inspection work is: check whether the heat transfer oil pipeline in the oven of the hot air stenter equipment is normal. If there is any leakage, it should be dealt with in time; all kinds of debris should be cleaned up in time before and after the shift to ensure that the hot air stenter is clean.