How To Adjust The Ink Of Flat Screen Printer?


   Three points should be paid attention to when adjusting the flat screen printer ink:

  1. When mixing inks, you should add as few inks of different colors as possible. The fewer types of inks, the better the mixing effect.

  2. Adopting the principle of "from lighter to darker", no matter if you prepare light or bright colored inks, you should be careful when the hue is close to the model. It is best not to mix inks produced by different manufacturers. Try to use inks of different colors from the same manufacturer for color mixing. Otherwise, uneven tones will occur. In severe cases, agglomeration will occur and the ink will be scrapped.

  3. Some screen printing inks are dried by drying. The light color is lighter after drying than the undried one, and the dark color is darker after drying. Also, it is easy to overlook whether there is a difference in the color tone of the ink before and after drying during printing. Generally speaking, through natural drying (solvent volatilization ink), the substrate is plastic, metal, paper, glass, etc., and the color will not change; but if it is a ceramic color material, the color will only develop after burning and oxidation. , Can only be graded based on experience. As for the screen printing ink that is dried by thermosetting and light curing, the color changes in depth, as mentioned above. When the amount of ink adjustment is large, an ink adjustment machine can be used to complete the adjustment in a short time.

  The blending of light-colored inks is generally based on white inks, and appropriate colored inks are used. For example, light blue, mainly white ink, with a little blue (cyan); light red, mainly white ink, with a little red; gray, mainly white ink, with a little black; silver gray, mainly white ink, slightly Add silver paste and a trace of black ink. When preparing light-colored silk screen inks (printing materials), add as little white ink as possible, because white ink is highly active and it is easy to cause discoloration of other colors.

  To adjust ink well, flat screen printer workers must:

  1. Understand the various specifications and performance of the ink; make the matched ink suitable for production needs.

  2. Master the basic knowledge of chromatology, and use it freely in ink adjustment.

  3. Analyze the printing color and process technology to find out the color sequence of multiple sets of colors, to avoid the color sequence is incorrect, the two colors are miscible, and the color changes.

  4. Pay attention to the brightness of the ink color when adjusting the ink. If the brightness is large, the original color should be used as much as possible, otherwise the ink will be "grayed" and the original color brightness will be reduced.