How To Judge The Quality Of A Flat Screen Printing Machine?


   From what aspects can the quality of a flat screen printing machine be judged? Nowadays, the market for screen printing machines is getting bigger and bigger. The flat screen printing machine has played a very important role in our lives, but people don't know much about its use. Many people don’t know how to choose a flat-screen printing machine. Today, based on our company’s more than 20 years of experience and technology in the production of screen printing machines, let’s take a look at the main aspects to judge:

  One: In terms of appearance, does the overall color look harmonious, comfortable, concise, and pleasing to the eye? A good quality screen printing machine should not only be generous and fit but also look comfortable at first glance. If a screen printing machine gives people the feeling You feel sick all over, would you still buy it? So the appearance of a machine is very important.

  Two: In terms of the material and process of the whole machine, whether the machine structure is a uniform material, whether the main parts adopt special processes, our screen printing equipment is made of aluminum blocks, aluminum parts, and other aluminum materials, and none of the parts are made of aluminum. Made of iron and other materials that are easy to rust, the whole body is spray-painted and plastic-sprayed, which adds a layer of protective film to the whole body of the machine.

  Three: From whether the key parts of the machine, such as inverters, linear guides, and motors, are imported, everyone knows that the quality of the key parts of the machine directly affects the operation and stability of the machine. The main parts of our machine are all Imported from developed countries, the parts are numbered, you can find it!

  Four: From the perspective of after-sales, most customers are most concerned about the after-sales problem of the machine. Many manufacturers make a guarantee before the people. As a result, they still did not do it, or it was inconsistent with what they did. For example, those manufacturers said It is a three-year warranty. Do you want to be reliable? We dare not say that it can be guaranteed for three years, but there is no problem with the one-year warranty. If there is any problem with the machine within one year, you can call our customer service or after-sales phone. We are maintenance for life. We teach screen printing technology and printing process, can we do the same as we said, we can give you the customer's phone number, and you can ask it in private.

  Five: From the manufacturer's point of view, most of the products sold by many merchants are not produced by themselves, but by agents, so general after-sales cannot be guaranteed, so I suggest that you can go to their workshop where they make screen printing machines to check. seeing is believing!