How To Solve The Problem Of Flat Screen Printing Machine


   A flat screen printing machine is a kind of printing machine that is more popular among printing machines at present. It has brought great help to our lives. Many products in our lives are processed by the flat screen printing machine.

  When it comes to problems with a flat screen printing machine, it is normal, but as long as we spend some time to repair it, the occurrence rate of problems will be less. Let me pick one or two problems for reference. I will not give examples one by one.

  If the flat screen printing machine is easy to block the cause analysis

  The main source of the biggest solution to the screened closure lies in the ink. First of all, the larger particles in the printing ink will cause the screened closure, which requires the purchaser to strictly control the ink particle size.

  Secondly, after the ink is dried on the screen printing plate, the conjunctiva causes the mesh to be blocked. Therefore, when using the screen printing machine, ensure that the screen is clean and the ink humidity is appropriate. The viscosity of the third link is too high, blocking the screen to form a seal.

  Also, the temperature of the ink will affect the sealing. For example, the ink with a lower temperature will have poor fluidity, which will block the mesh.

  How to delay ink drying in a flat screen printing machine

  Before printing, the paper must be processed, because if the temperature of the paper is too low, it will delay the drying of the ink. Desiccant is a factor that affects the degree of ink drying, so you can mix additional desiccant in the fountain solution to improve the drying performance of the ink. But what needs to be remembered is that the amount of desiccant should be moderate. The excess desiccant will have an adverse effect, such as plasticizing the ink without drying.

  Starting from the printing environment is also a way to control the degree of ink drying. A flat screen printing machine should control the pH value of the fountain solution in the range of 4.0 to 5.0 when printing. The higher the acidity (the lower the PH value), the slower the drying process of the ink.

  In the final analysis, there are more problems with flat screen printing machines, but we all have to learn to prevent them. The above are just some common problems to be solved. I hope to help everyone!