How To Clean The Open Rotary Printer Screen


   After the open rotary printer is completed, the screen is cleaned, and it is a very important link because it can increase the service life of the screen, and prevent the material remaining inside the screen from changing due to special changes after use. And the chemical reaction causes the color of the film to fade, etc. Then, what are the cleaning methods of the open rotary printer screen? The cleaning methods of the open rotary printer screen:

  1. The commonly used method is to wash with water, but some materials are not clean after washing with water, so alcohol quality help is needed;

  2. Use common materials for cleaning the screen, usually bleach, washing aid, alcohol, etc.;

  3. When washing the plate, put the plate flat in the plate washing tank and wipe it quietly. Do not wash it immediately to prevent it from affecting the tension and loosening of the screen;

  Another: the method of washing the screen version of the metal wire mesh:

  1. The wire mesh can be cleaned with 5-10% glacial acetic acid solution for 5 minutes, and then washed with hot water to remove all remaining liquid;

  2. Take the wire mesh directly through the gas flame or Bunsen burner, and then wipe it with a cleaning brush to prepare for the film. However, be careful not to make it too long on the flame;

  3. 10% lye or 20% ammonia solution can also be used to clean or degrease the wire mesh;

  4. An old method of cleaning wire mesh is to insert the wire mesh on a shelf the same thickness as the screen frame, sand it with an emery cloth soaked in pumice stone, volatile oil, or lacquer diluent solvent, and then wash it with hot water. , And then the template can be pasted on the wire mesh.