Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine Do You Know


   Many friends have a problem, that is, the UV flatbed printer is so powerful, so he is always just a flatbed printer. If I put a sphere or circle on it, can he still print it? How does he stay fixed? Let me show you how our UV flatbed printer prints round objects.

  UV flatbed is a unified name. There are many members in the UV flatbed printer family, such as hard ink flatbed printers, neutral ink flatbed printers, or soft ink flatbed printers, but these are the most common flatbed printer members, I want to introduce what is today One of the most unique one - open type rotary screen printing machine.

  I have introduced an article about circular printers before, but today I will not introduce his performance, but mainly talk about why he can print circular printers. Circular printing and the reason why it can print circular objects are inseparable from the stand on the tablet. Why do you say that? Because other flatbed printers are used to place the sample material on the flatbed, and the flatbed printer is placed on the flatbed, these supports can print round objects.

  These supports are rollers. We hope to put the sample material on the roller when printing round objects so that the roller can play a certain supporting role so that the sample material we place will not shake or fall, and the roller has a The purpose of the core is to drive the sample material to roll.