Precautions For Starting Flat Screen Printing Machine


   A flat screen printing machine is a device that prints solder paste or repair glue onto PCB pads through a screen. It can be divided into a vertical flat screen printing machine, inclined arm flat screen printing machine, rotating flat screen printing machine, four-column flat screen printing machine, and active flat screen printing machine. Mainly used in the electronic processing industry, screen printing marks on printed circuit boards, signs on exterior shell panels, and solder paste printing during circuit board processing.

  The following are the points introduced by the active flat screen printing machine manufacturers to pay attention to when turning on the flat screen printing machine: When turning on the flat screen printing machine, turn on the power supply of the flat screen printing machine and the air compressor. Then turn on the start handle of the air compressor. When the handle is in the vertical direction, it is closed. When the handle is placed horizontally, it is in an open state.

  Turn on the power switch on the operation panel of the flat screen printing machine, and the touch screen will start to work. At the same time, but the screen printing template in the arm plate seat and fix it slightly with the knob to facilitate subsequent adjustment of the screen printing template. After starting the hand for about three minutes, the pressure of the street oil storage tank reached 4, and the exhaust valve on the air compressor could be opened. When the valve stem is perpendicular to the air pipe, it is closed, and when the valve stem is parallel to the air pipe, it opens. Driven by compressed air, the arm plate seat of the screen plate holder will rise to the upper limit position to stop.

  Select the jog function, select the placement position, and then lower the arm plate base to the top of the printed circuit board honeycomb fixing table. At this time, confirm the fixed printed circuit board on the honeycomb fixing table according to the position of the backing plate on the flat screen printing machine template. Approximate location. After confirming the approximate fixed position of the printed circuit board, first, raise it in the center to raise the arm steel plate seat to the upper limit position, and then use a thimble to place the printed circuit board on the honeycomb fixing table.