How To Choose The Best Open Rotary Screen Printer


   Screen printing is one of the great inventions of ancient Chinese civilization. China was the first country to use screen printing technology. After more than 2,000 years of evolution, screen printing has become more and more integrated into people's lives. Now, screen printing by hand is no longer necessary, because screen printing machines are currently available. A good screen printing machine can produce beautiful prints. How to choose the best open rotary screen printer?

  1. Process and silkscreen materials

  The open rotary screen printer should pay attention to the choice of materials and processes. First of all, we must pay attention to choosing the open rotary screen printer of the aluminum mechanical structure, because the mechanical structure is the material and the main structure. Some manufacturers also use iron-based materials, but it is best to choose aluminum materials, because iron materials are easy to rust, and there should be no paint on the outside of the host.

  2. Appearance and shape

  Needless to say about the appearance, as long as the overall appearance looks comfortable, simple, and beautiful, it will be pleasing to the buyer. Imagine that if the appearance does not look good, sales will certainly not be much better. So appearance and shape are very important.

  III. The best screen printing machine manufacturing factory

  To purchase an open rotary screen printer, you need to choose a professional open rotary screen printer manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, a professional open rotary screen printer manufacturer can produce a trustworthy open rotary screen printer.

  4. Technical support and after-sales service

  It is very important to choose a screen printing manufacturer with good after-sales service and technical support. A good after-sales system and technical support can help us solve various problems in production and ensure smooth and timely production.

  I believe you have learned how to choose the best open rotary screen printer, I hope you like it.