How To Use A Flat Screen Printing Machine


   The use process of flat screen printing machine, I will not bring up the manual here. Most of the text description sometimes blurs your understanding of flat screen printing machines. The operation of a flat screen printing machine is very simple. As long as you understand it, it is generally In this case, there is no need to spend a long time reading the instructions.

  Flat screen printing machines are mostly pneumatic flat screen printing machines. Each movement is triggered by a sensor. The power is compressed air, that is, the cylinder is used as the power source. Before using the new machine, see if the flat screen printing machine will fail. It will be lightly moved and damaged during transportation. If not, ventilate and power on in advance. At this time, the flat screen printing machine is in the initial position before printing. The next step is to understand the use of the control panel. Text description controls the text to guide the operation, but it is worth paying attention to know beforehand whether the screen printing arm, the screen, or the screen will be bumped due to adjustment problems. After preparing the previous operations, the last step is to adjust the distance between the screen and the substrate, and the pressure of oil scraping and oil return. These two points are only mentioned here as long as they are related to silk screen technology. Here are some issues that need attention.