How The Static Electricity Of Open Type Rotary Screen Printer Is Generated


   From the perspective of entomology: all neutral materials, such as plastic, paper, and other insulators, that is, each molecule contains a positively charged atomic nucleus, and the surrounding negatively charged electron cloud merges. When the materials are separated by friction, the insulating materials The electrons will dissociate to the surface of the data. For example, in middle school physics, you can rub a glass rod with silk. The static electricity on the glass rod can suck up the scraps of paper.

  The surface of the data with reduced electrons is positive, while the data with surplus electrons with increased electrons are negative. If the data with reduced electrons is filled with negative and the data with increased electrons is filled with positive, then these two types of data are positive and negative. In balance, the two types of data are neutral. In CD printing, it is blunt that screen printing is a process in which the printing ink is transferred to the substrate based on the relative movement of the screen and the squeegee under the squeegee pressure.

  The screen (screen) and the squeegee (polyurethane squeegee) are all insulators. In screen printing, they are relatively scratched in position and rub each other, especially when the humidity is low, which will cause static electricity to affect the substrate. The distribution of surface charges. In particular, insulation materials, such as the PC substrate for optical discs, the Pet sheet that touches, and the PVC used for name and identification plates, and the PP and PE of plastic bottles, are mainly attributed to insulators. If not in the screen printing operation Pay attention to static electricity will constitute.

  For example, when printing ink for membrane switch, because the PET film base is made, a layer of PVC or other self-adhesive film is attached to the surface to protect it from scratches during cutting and packaging. However, the maintenance film should be removed before the screen printing after the material is opened. Some operators peel off the film very fast when the maintenance film is peeled off. Don’t know if the maintenance film is separated from the Pet film quickly when you uncover the film quickly. During the process, especially under low humidity, static electricity is generated on the surface of the Pet sheet. As a result, the ink on the edge of the handwriting on the silkscreen has flying, and the fluffy pattern ink silk is deposited on the transparent Pet sheet. It poses a lot of confusion to the screen printing workshops of membrane switch companies.

  The above content is how the static electricity of the open type rotary screen printer is generated. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about screen printing equipment, please call Dongguan Kontron Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. We will serve you wholeheartedly.