Simple Maintenance And Main Lubrication Of Flat Screen Printer


   With the development of technology, flat screen printers are widely used in our lives. The printing scale of these flat screen printers is very wide and the quality is better. However, maintenance is a very important aspect of the process of using these flat screen printers. We can't carelessly care about the maintenance of flat screen printers.

  In the maintenance process, it is very important to maintain the lubrication condition of the flat screen printer. Accurate lubrication can greatly extend the life of the flat screen printer. First of all, before using the flat screen printer, you need to check whether the lubricating oil of the flat screen printer is in a suitable condition. Generally speaking, there is a grease nipple on the flat screen printer. If the oil standard shows that there is no oil, it is required. Let's moisturize in time

  Increase in lubricating oil. As it is assumed that there is a lack of lubricating oil, it is very simple to form a question that the machine is difficult to work, and in the process of use, wear, and so on are greatly increased.

  Assuming that there is a lack of lubricating oil after the flat screen printer is turned on, there will usually be a relatively loud noise situation. In this situation, we all need to close the flat screen printer in time and check the lubricating oil condition again. launch. Assuming such a situation, we need the assistance of a professional organization to deal with it and see if there is a problem with the internal flat screen printer.

  In addition, because flat screen printers usually generate a lot of high temperature during use, we need to conduct timely heat dissipation at this time, especially in the hot summer. During the heat dissipation period, the machine needs to be enclosed. Perhaps during use, it should be placed in a well-ventilated area. This is more useful for heat dissipation. Our usual maintenance is directly related to the lifespan of the flat screen printer.